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The Department of Chemistry - Ångström conducts research and education in the chemistry field. The department has more than 270 employees and has a turnover of 290 million SEK. At the department's six programs, we conduct very successful research of a high international standard. We have a large number of externally funded research projects, often with international cooperation and we see continued good growth in our subject area. The department has education assignments in engineering programs and master's programs. More information is available on our website

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Work duties

Within the programme for Inorganic chemistry research is conducted on solution chemical materials synthesis. This implies development of new processes for advanced functional materials and detailed characterisation of all steps taking the precursors in solution into the solid target material upon heating. The materials produced are of different morphologies and complexity. Therefore, a wide range of experimental techniques is required in order to understand and control the reactions and obtain the desired materials. 

The Post-doc position is directed towards development of hard, durable materials compatible with molten lead at the high temperatures employed in Gen IV nuclear reactors. The research is conducted within the SSF project ”SUNRISE” (SUstainable Nuclear Research In Sweden) directed to development and verification of materials for use in Gen IV nuclear reactors. This six-year project is conducted in a close collaboration between KTH, UU and LTU. Therefore, while most of the work is conducted at the solution synthesis group at the programme for inorganic chemistry at UU, there will be much collaboration with researchers at KTH (Stockholm) and LTU (Luleå). More information is found on our website and SUNRISE website.

The work includes:

  • Development of solution based synthesis of nano-particles and coatings of powders and surfaces, as well as sintering into compacts. Typical materials are oxides, nitrides, carbides and metals.
  • Detailed materials analysis by a combination of TG/DSC, XRD, IR- and Raman spectroscopy, XPS, TEM/HAADF/EDS/EELS, SEM/EDS/EBSD.
  • Collaboration within the SSF SUNRISE project directed towards studies of materials of interest for use in GenIV lead cooled nuclear reactors. The center involves the universities KTH, UU and LTU.


A PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry or a foreign degree equivalent to a Ph.D. degree in Inorganic chemistry with a materials focus. The degree needs to be obtained by the time of the decision of employment. Those who have obtained a PhD degree three years prior to the application deadline are primarily considered for the employment. The starting point of the three-year frame period is the application deadline. Due to special circumstances, the degree may have been obtained earlier. The three-year period can be extended due to circumstances such as sick leave, parental leave, duties in labour unions, etc. 

  • A doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry or corresponding degree.
  • Very good proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Extensive experience of solution based synthesis of metals, nitrides, carbides and oxides as nano-particles, films or coatings.
  • Extensive experience of high temperature synthesis and sintering of composites, especially metal-metal carbide composites.
  • Extensive experience of materials characterisation with XRD, XPS, SEM, TG/DSC, and IR-spectroscopy and handling of air sensitive molecular precursors and glove-boxes. 

Much emphasis is also put on personal qualities such as the ability to co-operate with colleauges, drive, and independence, as well as how the applicant, through his/her competence and background fit into the group at Uppsala University and the SSF financed SUNRISE center including the Royal Institute of Technolgy, Uppsala University and Luleå University of Technology. 

Desirable qualifications

Experience of analysis with SEM-EBSD, TEM-EELS/HAADF/EDS and knowledge in Swedish are merits.

About the employment

The employment is a temporary position of two years according to central collective agreement. Scope of employment 100 %. Starting date 23-11-01 or as agreed. Placement: Uppsala.

For further information about the position please contact: Gunnar Westin, gunnar.westin@kemi.uu.se, +46 18 4713840

Please submit your application by 29 September 2023, UFV-PA 2023/2976.

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Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment 2023-10-31
Salary Fixed salary
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100
City Uppsala
County Uppsala län
Country Sweden
Reference number UFV-PA 2023/2976
Union representative
  • Seko Universitetsklubben, seko@uadm.uu.se
  • ST/TCO, tco@fackorg.uu.se
  • Saco-rådet, saco@uadm.uu.se
Published 18.Aug.2023
Last application date 29.Sep.2023 11:59 PM CEST

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