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The Department of Information Technology holds a leading position in both research and education at all levels. We are currently Uppsala University's third largest department, have around 350 employees, including 120 teachers and 120 PhD students. Approximately 5,000 undergraduate students take one or more courses at the department each year. You can find more information about us on the department of Information Technology website.

Description of subject area of the employment: The subject area of the employment is information technology.


  • Teaching and administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility and course administration. The position includes teaching courses at the Department of Information Technology, the Computing Education Research unit, for example one the following courses:
  • 1DT086 Introduction to Studies in Embedded Systems (period 1, autumn 2023)
  • 1DT032 Advanced Computer Science Studies in Sweden (period 1, autumn 2023)
  • 1DL471 Information Management Systems (period 1, autumn 2023)
  • 1DT110 Information Technology: Possibilities and Challenge (distans) (period 1 and
  • 2, autumn 2023)
  • Follow developments within the subject area and the development of society in general that is important for the work at the university.

Qualifications Required

  • Higher-education degree including subject specialization in computer science, computational science or information technology.
  • Teaching Expertise. It is necessary that the pedagogical skills and subject specialization are relevant to the content of the employment and the tasks that will be included in the employment.
  • Applicants also must have completed teacher training of relevance to operations at the University, comprising ten weeks, or have acquired the equivalent knowledge. If special circumstances apply, this training for teachers in higher education may be completed during the first year of employment.
  • Documented ability to teach in Swedish or English is a requirement unless special reasons prevail.
  • Personal capabilities necessary to carry out fully the duties of the appointment.

Assessment Criteria/Ranking of applicants that fulfil the above-mentioned qualifications required

The ranking of eligible applicants will be based primarily on subject specialization and teaching expertise of which weight will be primarily given to teaching expertise.

Subject Specialization may refer to in- depth study of the subject, for example a PhD, will be afforded consideration. In addition to academic qualifications, experience from other activities, including technology development, may also be taken into account.

Teaching Expertise comprises educational and teaching qualifications. This expertise can have been achieved outside the academy through supervision, internal training, mentoring programs, etc. In assessing teaching expertise teaching quality must be the prime consideration. The scope of teaching experience, in terms of both breadth and depth, must also be afforded consideration. In assessing teaching expertise special weight will be attached to merits in the subject area of the courses listed above. A PhD and/or master degree will be afforded consideration.

Furthermore, consideration must be given to the capacity to plan, initiate, lead, and develop teaching and instruction, as well as the ability to connect research to teaching in respect to research in the subject at hand, subject didactics, as well as teaching and learning in higher education. The ability to interact concerning issues of teaching and learning in higher education with actors inside and outside the University is also included in teaching expertise.

Administrative Expertise is important for the employment and will be given consideration. Administrative expertise is demonstrated, for example, through the capacity to plan, organise, and prioritise work in an efficient and task-related manner as well as through the ability to assign and observe time frames. Expertise includes overall operational planning and the capacity to manage resources in a way that reflects operational priorities as well as the ability to work in a structured manner based on an awareness of goals and quality. Administrative expertise also includes entrepreneurship.

All merits must be documented in a manner that makes it possible to assess both quality and scope.

In filling this position the university aims to appoint the applicant who, following a qualitative holistic assessment of her/his competence and expertise, is judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties and to help advance operations.

University appointment regulations

Faculty appointment regulations

About the employment
The employment is a temporary position ending 17 November 2023, 31 January 2024 or as agreed. Scope of employment is between 30% and 100%, depending on the courses you are working on. Starting date 01-08-2023 or as otherwise agreed. Placement: Uppsala

For further information about the position please contact: Tobias Wrigstad (professor, GU-prefekt, 0736-971419, tobias.wrigstad@it.uu.se

Please submit your application by 16 June 2023, UFV-PA 2023/2081.

If you are an international candidate, you will find a lot of information about working and living in Sweden at www.uu.se/joinus.

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full-time/Part-time
First day of employment 2023-08-01 eller enligt överenskommelse
Salary Fixed salary
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 30-100%
City Uppsala
County Uppsala län
Country Sweden
Reference number UFV-PA 2023/2081
Union representative
  • Seko Universitetsklubben, seko@uadm.uu.se
  • ST/TCO, tco@fackorg.uu.se
  • Saco-rådet, saco@uadm.uu.se
Published 22.May.2023
Last application date 16.Jun.2023 11:59 PM CEST

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