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Professor of English, specialising in the English Language

Description of the subject area and the department: The English Language subject area focuses on empirical studies of the structure, use, and variation of English. Researchers in the English language specialisation in the department examine empirical data, and methods and applications of corpus linguistics form a central component of our research.

The Department of English also contains four other sections: English Literature, American Literature, Celtic Languages and Literature, and the Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS). Research in the department is conducted within each of these areas. The PhD Programme in English is divided into three specialist sections: English Linguistics, English Literature, and American Literature.

Principal duties

  • General responsibility for research and education at the PhD level in the English language, as well as for developing the program.
  • Teaching and supervision in education at all levels.
  • Conducting research and participating in planning and leading research projects, including the submission of applications for research funding.
  • Holding positions of leadership, including administration, at departmental and other levels at Uppsala University is sometimes also required and expected.

Qualification and eligibility requirements: Applicants are eligible to apply for employment as professor if they have achieved the level of expertise in both research and teaching (as defined in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4, Section 3). The research, teaching, and administrative qualifications of the applicant should be relevant to the duties and nature of the advertised position. Research expertise should be demonstrated through sustained independent research and through research activities of a demonstrably high international and national quality. Furthermore, the successful applicant will have an established record in planning, initiating, leading and developing research; an ability to secure research grants in competition; and well-documented expertise in supervision at undergraduate (first-cycle), advanced (second-cycle), and especially PhD (third-cycle) levels.

Teaching expertise must be demonstrated through qualifications in education and teaching. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate well-documented skills in supervision in the first, second, and third cycles; and, fulfil the requirements specified in the Appointment Regulations of Uppsala University (§32–33) and Supplementary Guidelines to Uppsala University Appointment Regulations at the Faculty of Languages (SPRÅKFAK 2013/22).

In accordance with the university’s appointment regulations, a general requirement for teachers is that they possess the personal characteristics required to carry out the duties of the position well.

To be eligible to apply for this position, an applicant must meet the requirements for the rank of full professor and have a documented research track record in the empirical study of the English language.

While teaching and supervision will occur in English, an appointee who is not yet proficient in Swedish at the start of employment will be expected to acquire a good working knowledge of the language within two years.

Documentation of teaching qualifications must be able to verify that the applicant has completed at least ten weeks of academic teacher training, or otherwise has acquired the corresponding competence. This pedagogical training should include a component in Ph. D.-level supervision. Should a successful applicant not have received such training, s/he will be required to complete such training within the first two years of employment.

Assessment criteria: Research, leadership, teaching, and outreach

Assessment for the appointment of professors will be based on the degree of the documented qualifications with respect to the expertise required for the appointment.

In making the selection among the qualified applicants for this professorship, emphasis will be placed on research and teaching qualifications, in addition to leadership ability. The applicant’s qualifications must be documented in such a way as to enable assessment of both quality and scope.

Equal attention will be given to assessing all three areas of expertise. In the ranking of applicants, special weight will be accorded to research expertise, then leadership ability, and thirdly teaching. The assessment criteria will be considered in such a way so that an applicant whose leadership abilities are judged to be superior to those of an applicant with stronger other qualifications may be ranked above the latter.

Research qualifications: In the assessment of research qualifications, the quality of the applicant’s research will be the primary consideration. The applicant’s research will be assessed based on the quality and scope of research publications in the most relevant publication channels for the field. Special weight will be accorded to publications from the last ten years.

The applicant’s contributions to the international and national academic community will be assessed. Such contributions might include expert assignments, editorial and peer review work, the management of projects, and participation in scholarly societies and other formal academic networks.

As the department aspires to strengthen its research in the English language, with its focus on empirical investigations in contemporary and/or historical linguistics, particular weight will be placed on qualifications in one of the following research areas:

  • Structure of the language
  • Pragmatics and/or semantics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Second-language acquisition.

Leadership qualifications: Leadership qualifications are demonstrated through the documented ability to lead activities and staff, make decisions, assume responsibility, motivate others, as well as to provide them with the conditions needed in order to attain shared goals effectively and efficiently.

The ability to organise a group and help to generate a sense of commitment, participation, and pleasure in work, and the ability to manage conflicts are further examples of such demonstrated skills.

In addition, the level of administrative experience and skill required by the position will be taken into consideration.

Experience of leadership, demonstrated through roles involving responsibility for the departmental environment or other positions of trust at the university and departmental levels, is regarded as constituting a qualification.

Teaching qualifications: In the assessment of teaching qualifications, the primary focus will be on the pedagogical quality of teaching. The range of demonstrated pedagogical skills, regarding both breadth and depth, will also be considered. In addition, weight will also be given to applicant’s ability to plan, initiate, lead, and develop teaching and education, as well as experience in linking research to classroom teaching, subject didactics, and the theory and practice of academic teaching.

The applicant must normally have supervised, as the main supervisor, at least one PhD student through completion of the doctoral dissertation, unless there are particular reasons to disregard this criterion. A track record of successful supervision will be taken into consideration.

Qualifications in outreach activities: The applicant's ability to engage with, and disseminate information on research and development in the community at large, will be given weight.

Assessment criteria, additional skills: In recruiting for this position, Uppsala University will primarily consider the applicant who, in the overall assessment of competence and expertise, is judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties within the position, as well as to contribute to a positive development of the department.

Application procedure: The Recruitment Committee of the Faculty of Languages will make use of interviews and trial lectures, and obtain references in the recruitment process. The applicant should therefore submit a list of referees who have insight into the applicant’s professional skill as well as personal qualities that may be of relevance for the position, e.g. ability to cooperate, ability to lead and working methods.

Personal circumstances (such as parental leave, part-time work due to the care of children, trade-union duties, and military service) that can be credited to the applicant in the qualification assessment should be specified in the applicant’s summary of qualifications and experience.

How to apply: A full application, preferably written in English, is submitted through Uppsala University’s on-line recruitment system and must include:

  • Letter of application
  • List of appendices
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Account of research qualifications (including information about future research plans)
  • Account of leadership qualifications
  • Summary of pedagogical qualifications (including an account of supervision experience of research [third-cycle] education)
  • List of publications (including a list of peer-reviewed publications)
  • Account of other qualifications
  • Academic works and any relevant educational works brought to bear on the application (maximum: 10)
  • List of referees (maximum two persons)

For applicants invited to attend interviews and give trial lectures, travel costs are covered by Uppsala University.

Please note: The application and attached appendices should be submitted electronically in the Varbi recruitment system. Three hard copies of any publications cited that are not available in electronic format and cannot be scanned must be sent to the Faculty of Languages, Uppsala University, Box 256, SE–751 05 Uppsala, Sweden. Write the following reference number on the envelope: UFV-PA 2019/3589.

For further information, see the University's Appointment Regulations and the Faculty’s supplementary guidelines.

Salary: subject to individual negotiation.

Starting date: 1 January 2022 or by agreement.

Form of employment: employment for an indefinite period.

Scope of employment: 100%.

For further information about the position please contact: Ashleigh Harris, Head, Department of English, tel. 46 18 471 0000, email Ashleigh.Harris@engelska.uu.se.

Please submit your application by 18 January, UFV-PA 2019/3589.

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Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment 2022
Salary fast lön
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100
City Uppsala
County Uppsala län
Country Sweden
Reference number UFV-PA 2019/3589
Union representative
  • ST/TCO, tco@fackorg.uu.se
  • Saco-rådet, saco@uadm.uu.se
  • Seko Universitetsklubben, seko@uadm.uu.se
Published 04.Jan.2021
Last application date 18.Jan.2021 11:59 PM CET

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